Masatoshi Miyamoto, Managing Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, JVC KENWOOD Corporation

A Global, Unified View Enables Treasury To Support Corporate Goals

  • Managing complex global operations with spreadsheets can make it challenging to achieve corporate financial goals.
  • A treasury management system gives a real-time unified view that helps the treasury team support the financial health of the entire organization.

“Group treasury management across the globe requires a single dashboard and single source of truth so that all may understand the management policy. The TMS tool delivers this unified visibility.”

Electronics maker JVC KENWOOD has 90 subsidiaries spread across 19 countries, nearly 250 accounts with about 100 different banks, and it operates in 12 major currencies. As chief financial officer (CFO), Masatoshi Miyamoto oversees this complex, global network from the company’s headquarters in Japan, where treasury operations are concentrated. The treasury department’s current top priority is reducing operational costs by reducing the company’s interest-bearing debt. The department is also responsible for efficiently raising funds to support strategic projects and for managing foreign-exchange risk. “All of these obligations demand a treasury solution that enables fast, accurate decisions,” Miyamoto says.

This is an excerpt from The CFO Perspective – The Strategic Value of Treasury. The eBook was generously sponsored by Kyriba.

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