Jim Jarrell, Stark & Stark, Director of Marketing and Practice Development

Compliance In Social Media Marketing Requires Constant Vigilance

  • For general brand advertising, maintain creativity with blanket approval that can be used whenever it’s appropriate, and on short notice.
  • If your law firm has a social media presence, monitor comments and postings continuously.

“The challenge I face in marketing and advertising our firm’s services is to ensure that our message complies with national and local bar ethics guidelines.”

As director of marketing and practice development for Stark & Stark, a midsized regional law firm with offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, one of Jim Jarrell’s primary responsibilities is to ensure that the firm’s marketing and advertising activities comply with American Bar Association and State Bar standards and regulations related to attorney advertising and professional conduct. To do that, he must oversee compliance in three primary areas of marketing activity:

• Print media advertising, which is mostly created in-house;

This is an excerpt from 10 Experts on Marketing Compliance. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.