Justin Sharaf, Director, Marketing Technology and Operations, LogMeIn

Build Partnerships to Reduce Silos, Encourage Trust, and Gain Buy-In

  • To make digital transformation of marketing operations successful, build partnerships with clear objectives, frequent and open communication, and complete visibility.  
  • Make the most of the technology and data you already have by taking advantage of available training and support. knowledge bases, video tutorials, user groups and conferences can be great ways to expand your team’s knowledge and skills.  

“Because we work across the entire marketing organization, we can see how different groups are using technology, and we use that information to align the objectives of those groups when possible.”

My team at LogMeIn is diverse: Software engineers, marketing technology experts, and former marketers work together to support marketing teams throughout the enterprise. We act as partners and strive to build trust while ensuring we have the right technology and processes in place.

This is an excerpt from 11 Marketing Technologists on Digital Transformation. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.