Kevin Fielder, CISO, Just Eat

Be Aggressive in Protecting Your Endpoints

  • You need to have something in place that detects misbehavior as early as possible, and that can also be looking at the behavior of other systems.
  • You can be aggressive with your endpoint response. It’s unlikely one person losing use of their machine for a short time is going to bring down the whole business.

“This is why I’ve got the correct tooling in place. As soon as I think something’s up, bang—it’s off the network, that person has access to nothing.”

“In many ways, especially with working from home, in multiple offices, and working from third-party locations, the endpoint is kind of the perimeter for a lot of offices now,” says Kevin Fielder, who as CISO of Just Eat, is tasked with securing a highly mobile workforce in a company that operates in 13 countries. The entire business model is geared toward mobile workers and customers. “We’ve got 20 million customers and 75,000-plus restaurants or partners that we work with.”

This is an excerpt from 32 Security Experts on Changing Endpoint Security. The eBook was generously sponsored by Carbon Black.

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