Laura Rueckel, Group Director, Integrated Marketing, Coca-Cola North America

Put Your Customers and Prospects in Context to Target Messaging Effectively

  • People-based marketing makes it possible to tailor messaging to consumers in a highly refined way, but people wear many hats in their lives such as parent, executive, and caregiver. To reach target audiences effectively, marketers must take the consumer’s context into consideration.
  • For people-based measurement to have the most impact, marketers should collaborate with technical teams as early as possible while developing campaigns to get the data they need.

“If you’re going to target different personas and take the time to craft different messages for different contexts, then you will want the data about results to match that.”

Understanding how consumers make decisions on their complex journeys has never been easy, in part because the decisions change depending on someone’s role. “For example, at any given time, I might be in my role as a mom looking to plan something for my kids, or I might be in my role as an executive focused on getting my work done. Or I might be taking care of another family member, such as an aging parent. We all wear different hats throughout the day, sometimes in just the course of a couple of hours,” says Laura Rueckel, group director, integrated marketing, at Coca-Cola North America.

This is an excerpt from 8 Experts On How to Measure People-Based Marketing Impact. The eBook was generously sponsored by Visual IQ.