The book includes insights from the following experts:

8 Experts on Marketing Fulfillment was generously sponsored by Iron Mountain

Marketers face a challenging task. Charged with developing and refining high-level marketing strategies for their companies while maintaining lean processes that enable the business to respond to changing conditions with agility, they often find they don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish every item on their to-do lists. If processes like marketing fulfillment are not carefully managed, it can quickly become difficult to service customers and provide them with the resources they need in a timely fashion. This eBook features expert advice from eight accomplished marketers on how to manage your marketing fulfillment effectively, whether by eliminating inefficiencies, improving your spend with online inventory management, reducing waste, or ensuring compliance. We began with a key question: “What tips and tricks can you share with fellow professionals about managing marketing fulfillment?” The responses presented here represent a diverse array of industries and perspectives that we hope will provide you with valuable insight and best practices you can use as you pursue marketing fulfillment strategies for your company.