The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Alex Schwartz, HERE (a Nokia business), Agile Coach & Trainer and freelancer
  • Andrew Yochum, Sanborn Media Factory, Directory of Technology
  • Axel Fontaine, Boxfuse, CEO
  • Chris Hilton, Hotwire, Lead Release Engineer
  • Eike Thienemann-Dehde, CoreMedia, Software product development
  • Frederic Rivain, Dashlane, CTO
  • Gene Kim, Energy Sector Security Consortium, Independent Director, Author, Researcher
  • Ido Ben Moshe, Zend Technologies, VP, Global Support & Professional Services
  • Jamie Ingilby, YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, Head of Technology
  • Jeff Sussna, Ingineering.IT, Founder and Principal
  • Kate Matsudaira, Urban Influence, Principal
  • Kris Buytaert, Inuits, CoFounder & CTO
  • Mark Nelson, Oracle, Architect
  • Mathias Meyer, Travis CI, CEO
  • Matthew Skelton, Skelton Thatcher Consulting Ltd, Co-founder and Principal Consultant
  • Matthias Marschall, Stylight, CTO
  • Maurice Kherlakian, Zend Technologies, Director, Professional Services
  • Max Lincoln, ThoughtWorks, DevOps Instigator and Continuous Delivery Practitioner
  • Michael DeHaan, Interactive Intelligence, Lead Software Engineer
  • Michael Hüttermann,, CEO
  • Olivier Jacques, HPE IT, DevOps
  • Patrick Kua, ThoughtWorks, Principal Consultant and Tech Lead
  • Paul Duvall, Stelligent, Chairman and CTO
  • Rebecca Parsons, ThoughtWorks, Chief Technology Officer
  • Scott Hanselman, Microsoft, Principal Program Manager – Outreach and Community – .NET, ASP.NET, and Open Source
  • Stein Inge Morisbak, BEKK Consulting AS, Head of BEKKs commitment to DevOps and Cloud
  • Tommy Tynjä, Diabol AB, Manager
  • Andi Gutmans, Amazon Web Services, General Manager
  • Mike Miller, Liquid 2 Ventures, LLC, General Partner

Lessons from 29 DevOps Experts on the Best Way to Make the Transition to Continuous Delivery was generously sponsored by Zend.

Continuous Delivery isn’t just a technical shift, it’s a cultural one. Even though it takes hard work to make the transition, the benefits can’t be ignored. Faster time to market, better quality product, competitive advantage, higher customer satisfaction and reduced cost of development are just a few of the benefits driving CD to become the new norm.

With the support of Zend, we reached out to 29 top DevOps professionals and asked them the following question:

Your friend has been tasked with transitioning her company’s software development efforts to Continuous Delivery. She’s extremely capable, but she’s nervous about leading the transition. Please share a story from your own experience that will provide her with a critical piece of advice that will help her to be more successful.

The response was fantastic. Not only did we receive insightful essays, but the expert advice came from the very people who have been leading this revolution – people like Gene Kim, Andi Gutmans, Rebecca Parsons, Scott Hanselman and Andrew Yochum. The essays in this book roughly break down into six categories that range from understanding the business case for CD through actually making the journey. We hope the collective wisdom and hard-learned lessons contained in these pages will inspire you and help you take your own development efforts to a higher level.