The book includes insights from the following experts:

10 Experts on Marketing Compliance was generously sponsored by Workfront.

Whether you conform to brand guidelines or operate in a regulated industry, compliance is an essential and often frustrating part of any marketing effort.

Compliance is a challenge many marketing organizations share, but the specifics for managing compliance varies among regulatory environments and corporate cultures. To learn how companies build marketing compliance into their content marketing workflows, with support from Workfront, we asked 10 compliance marketing practitioners the following question:

Reviewing and approving work to ensure proper marketing compliance can be painful. What are the biggest challenges you’ve seen in ensuring proper marketing compliance, and what have you done to address them?

The essays in this eBook represent a diverse set of challenges, from a global investments firm that operates in different regulatory jurisdictions to an insurance provider that not only has its own compliance requirements, but must submit its marketing output to government reviewers, to a fast-growing tech startup in an essentially unregulated segment.

The specific challenges may vary, but the strategies these practitioners have adopted are practical and adaptable to other marketing workflows. Anyone concerned with marketing compliance will find valuable and applicable tips and practices in this eBook.