The book includes insights from the following experts:

This eBook was generously sponsored by Kyriba.

Businesses today must maintain tight control over all aspects of their financial health, including treasury management. The right treasury management solutions give chief financial officers (CFOs) a host of benefits and a holistic view into the financial health of the organization. This book takes a closer look at the strategic value treasury management solutions deliver to the CFO. With the generous support of Kyriba, we’ve spoken with CFOs and the experts from Accenture and KPMG to discuss the following three questions:

What is the value of treasury to the organization?
How do you measure the success of your treasury operation?
As CFO, what do you get out of a treasury management system?

The result of those conversations is a better understanding of the importance of treasury management. I trust you’ll find that these essays contain useful information about treasury management technology and how it can benefit your organization. Each of our authorities has a different perspective for you to consider