The book includes insights from the following experts:

8 Experts on Navigating Work Disruption was generously sponsored by Workfront.

When a crisis strikes, business leaders are tested. Organizations must devise new ways to work and focus on new priorities. How can business leaders keep their teams productive, adapt to massive market changes, and effectively connect new strategies to delivery?
With generous support from Workfront, we asked eight industry experts for their insights on how to remain resilient and productive during a crisis, pivot to new strategies when needed, and emerge from any crisis even stronger than before.
Many of the experts with whom we spoke emphasized the importance of listening to employees and
welcoming a diverse range of voices, pointing out that an inclusive approach is best when seeking effective solutions to internal and external challenges. Others stressed how important it is to give teams time to adapt to working in new and unfamiliar settings. Enterprise collaboration solutions and creative initiatives such as hackathons can enable the collaboration, ideation, and problem solving that are key to successfully addressing a crisis.
The essays in this guide offer practical strategies, advice, and examples that highlight different approaches to navigating major work disruptions. Along the way, they show how business leaders can create a strong and cohesive culture in a virtual setting and support employee well-being during an unprecedented crisis. Anyone working to weather storms with greater agility and confidence will benefit from the wisdom these experienced business professionals share.