The book includes insights from the following experts:


This eBook was generously sponsored by Sharktower.

Bringing People and Data Closer Together
Research shows fewer than 10 percent of complex projects finish on time and on budget. This finding
suggests that standard approaches to project management do not work well, yet the art of managing projects is as old as civilization itself. Why do projects and business processes so often fail to deliver as planned? Does it have to be that way? With the generous support of Sharktower, we set out to learn more about the challenges project managers face and how they overcome them. We asked seven seasoned experts the following questions:

• Which challenges make it difficult to keep a complex project on track?
• How do you spot potential problems before they occur?
• How do you quickly obtain and apply insights from project interventions?
• How do you balance resource allocation with business value and desired outcomes?

Spoiler alert: The answers depend on what you know and how you apply what you know. In today’s data-driven world, artificial intelligence is becoming the key to bringing data, insight, and decision-makers together in ways that strengthen outcomes.
The experts have much to say about how technology changes the way information is applied in complex projects. I see a lot of wisdom in these pages about how people and advanced technology empower each other. I hope you agree.