The book includes insights from the following experts:


This eBook was generously sponsored by Kyriba.

Managing liquidity has never been easy, but new technologies are making it easier. With ease comes speed, accuracy and efficiency, enabling treasury to more effectively see, move and protect cash and generate increased business value. However, activating liquidity while navigating volatile markets can be difficult. So how does treasury leverage technology to activate liquidity and generate new growth, and what does it gain by doing so?

With the generous support of Kyriba, we explored this question in greater detail by asking seven treasury management experts from different industries the following questions:
1. How does expanding the scope of treasury to be inclusive of cash, risk, payments and working capital increase enterprise value?
2. How do you most effectively manage FX risk exposure, and why is it important to do that?
3. What are the advantages of centralizing and standardizing global payment processes through a single system?
4. What are the advantages of centralizing the management of free cash flow and liquidity in your organization?
5. What level of integration is necessary to get a true, real-time view of cash and liquidity, and how would that real-time data enhance decision making and performance?

Their insights are collected in the five chapters of this eBook. In reading them, I was struck by how different the challenges are for their businesses and how they all benefit from greater visibility into cash, payments, risk and working capital. If you are involved in treasury and finance, I believe you will appreciate this glimpse into the value of a holistic treasury view.