The book includes insights from the following experts:

8 Experts on Protecting Machine Identities was generously sponsored by Venafi.

If you ask chief information security officers (CISOs) about the strategies they’ve put in place to protect human identities in their environment, chances are they’ll give you a clear and detailed answer about the measures they’ve taken. When it comes to protecting machine identities, however, some CISOs may not even be fully aware of the risks they need to manage, let alone the best practices for doing so. Given all the competing priorities CISOs are already juggling and often limited resources they have to defend their organization, how can they navigate this comparatively new learning curve?
With generous support from Venafi, we asked eight security experts the following question:
What advice would you give to a CISO who wants to protect machine identities at the same level as human identities?
In talking with security leaders from a range of industries, it’s clear that CISOs must first learn about the full range of machine identities that exist in their environment. Then, they must address the challenge of protecting these machine identities throughout their life cycles, at scale. And, crucially, CISOs need the right combination of tools and processes to accomplish this goal.
The essays in this eBook offer practical strategies, advice, and examples that highlight different approaches to protecting machine identities. In doing so, they explain how CISOs can bring their existing level of machine identity protection in line with the level of protection they already provide for human identities. Anyone who needs to learn about how to better ensure proper machine identity protection will benefit from the insights these professionals offer.