The book includes insights from the following experts:

How to Build a World-Class Cyber Security Practice was generously sponsored by BlueVoyant.

Resource-Constrained Security Teams Can Achieve the Capabilities of the Most Well-Defended Organizations 

Most world-class security technologies are available only to the “security 1%”: banks, national governments, and the largest enterprises. These organizations have sizeable budgets to hire and retain significant Expertise and purchase or develop premier security solutions. 
These large enterprises drive innovation, but their solutions don’t map well to small-to-mid-sized organizations the other 99%. Smaller enterprises are typically constrained by budget and resources and are forced to compromise when it comes to security.
BlueVoyant provides a new approach for resource-constrained teams. We democratize cybersecurity by protecting organizations of all sizes against agile and well-financed cyber attackers through highly-scalable service offerings tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We partner with our clients to achieve a level of security that they couldn’t reach on their own. We provide technology and integration they couldn’t otherwise afford. We offer threat intelligence that they wouldn’t have access to. We staff our Security Operations Centers with experts they would have difficulty hiring and retaining. As a result, we trim high costs and help IT teams achieve a level of security previously only available to the largest and most well defended organizations.
Founded and led by experts in the cybersecurity and government security sectors, BlueVoyant makes superior technology, proprietary threat intelligence, 24×7 Security Operations Centers (SOCs), and deep cybersecurity expertise available to enterprises of all sizes. We provide mutually reinforced solutions that allow clients to right-size services to meet their unique needs.
The first step in determining the proper security for your organization is to arm yourself with the right questions. The experts that have contributed to this Mighty Guide will help prepare you to move forward on your quest for improved cybersecurity. Enjoy the book.