The book includes insights from the following experts:

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As work has become more distributed and global events led to even more remote work for companies of all sizes, it is increasingly important for teams and tools to work together to get more done. Company cultures have had to make shifts to accommodate the demands laid on businesses stemming from offices being closed – and remaining closed for extended periods of time.
Unfortunately, too many companies were not able to make these pivots and either went out of business or scaled back massively. On the other hand, at Egnyte, we have seen companies grow and thrive during these trying times with intentional IT strategies to support remote work. There are numerous examples of successful businesses that adapted quickly to the new remote reality and maintained continuity. To do this, they implemented intentional strategies to keep employees productive and collaborative, while keeping their critical business content secure.
In this Mighty Guide, we are pleased to share some of these stories of IT leaders who led change during the COVID pandemic. We appreciate their candid insights of their struggles, successes and lessons learned. We hope you find them valuable to your practice as an IT leader.