The book includes insights from the following experts:

10 Experts on Active Threat Management was generously sponsored by CounterTack.

It today’s world of cybersecurity, it often feels like the good guys are losing. New research by the Ponemon Institute shows that the average enterprise only has resources to investigate 4% of the security alerts it receives every week. The same research finds that more than one third of cyber exploits go undetected, successfully evading antivirus and intrusion-prevention systems.

The reality is that security practices can no longer wait for their endpoint-security tools to tell them something is wrong. Many are adopting a more aggressive approach to threat management, but this requires new tools and skills that challenge security teams already stretched thin. How are they doing? With the generous support of CounterTack, we asked 10 security experts the following question:

What advice, best practices, and cautions can you offer SOC leaders who want to upgrade their security capabilities to become more proactive?

We spoke to security experts in different cyber environments and at different stages in their use of active endpoint-security techniques. They talked about the inadequacy of traditional defenses and their experiences with new approaches—including predictive analytics and machine learning—and they discussed skills needed to apply these new technologies successfully.

What I see in these essays, in addition to a lot of practical advice, is the emergence of a rich new generation of security tools and practices that may give security practitioners an upper hand.