The book includes insights from the following experts:

What IT Execs Want Most from Project Managers was generously sponsored by Workfront.

Is it going too far to say that all our futures are in the hands of project managers? After all, the PMs of the world are the ones who turn ideas into reality. It may not be fair to blame everything on PMs, but certainly the practice of project management is critical. And, it is changing.

We see how globalization and technology are changing the way things get done, especially when it comes to IT implementations. Complexity grows with widely dispersed teams and stakeholders; there’s a faster pace, with demands that require tighter integration between project management and business strategy. Technology has transformed visibility. Even so, projects still need to get done, decisions must be made, deadlines met, costs managed, and obstacles overcome. What skills do today’s PMs need to be successful in this fluid, fast-paced business environment?

To find an answer, Workfront has generously sponsored our outreach to seven IT executives with the following question:

Please share two or three best practices you want/expect your project managers to follow to increase visibility, ensure timeliness, improve collaboration, manage resources, and cut costs.

We specifically sought executives who have a breadth of experience representing a range of industry sectors. In speaking with these IT executives, we found that although there are common threads, such as the growing importance of communicating well at all levels and the need to understand business drivers, there are also unique insights. These executives reveal what they expect from their PMs and what they look for when hiring based on their years of personal experience.

I found these essays both enjoyable and enlightening. I believe that anyone responsible for project delivery will gain by reading these essays.