The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Sam Faillace, Various Start-Ups, VP Marketing
  • Sharon Goldstein, Shiphawk, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Adam Vavrek, Skyword, Director of Marketing Operations
  • Michael Becker, Sharpen, Content Marketing Strategist
  • Anne Curtin, Visual IQ, Senior Director of Marketing
  • David Rogelberg, Mighty Guides Inc., Publisher
  • Heather Hurst, Workfront, Director of Corporate Marketing
  • Ashley Spurlock, Workfront, Solutions Marketing Manager, Scrum Master
  • Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing Inc.,  President
  • Douglas Burdett, Artillery, Principal
  • Nigel Temple, Marketing Consultant,  The Marketing Compass
  • Mark Schaefer, Author, Business Consultant, {grow}
  • Susan Baroncini-Moe, Business in Blue Jeans, CEO, Executive Coach

22 Expert Tips and Tricks to Fix Your Review and Approval Process was generously sponsored by Workfront.

It’s often said that 30 to 50 percent of a creative marketer’s time is taken up by activities that have little to do with creating great marketing deliverables. Where does all the time go? Much of it is spent setting up and attending meetings, responding to email, filling out reports, gathering feedback, and solving technical problems. These activities are often tied to one of the most time-consuming and potentially frustrating parts of a creative workflow: the review and approval process.

Reviews and approvals are essential to any creative project. Beyond the creative team itself, the review process can include subject matter experts, business managers, agency people, legal reviewers, and others who must sign off on a deliverable. This cycle is often a major source of schedule delays.

To find out how seasoned marketing professionals streamline their review cycle, with the generous support of Workfront, we asked an expert group of marketers the following question:

What tips and tricks can you share with fellow marketers to improve, speed up, and master the review and approval process?

This eBook contains 22 valuable tips organized into three sections: “Avoid Missed Deadlines,” “Conquer the Feedback Monster,” and “Eliminate Tech Headaches.” Being in the content marketing business myself and familiar with issues that creative marketing teams handle every day, I believe that the tips collected here are especially valuable because they’re actionable and have been proven in the day-to-day battle for marketing excellence.