The book includes insights from the following experts:

9 Experts on Rethinking Demand Generation was generously co-sponsored by Mighty Guides and Netline.

Marketing says,

“Sales refuses to follow up on all these leads we’re giving them.” Sales says, “The leads marketing gives us are a waste of time.”

Sound familiar? It should, because these very arguments play out over and over in companies that suffer from slow conversions, bloated sales pipelines, and weak conversion rates. Even though these are familiar challenges that many companies share, most have no idea how to address them. NetLine, one of the world’s top demand generation companies, sees that most of its customers go for the C-Suite leads, but it believes that huge, undertapped potential lies in leads beyond the
executive level.

Given how critical quality lead generation is to driving sales, we have partnered with NetLine to dig more deeply into this question. We discovered early on that sales pipelines often fill with prospects that give off positive buying signals but never actually buy anything. Many professionals are simply confirming their own status quo bias. In other words, they actually look for reasons not to buy. Sales and marketing people agree that the chances of closing a prospect who plans to make a change are high, while prospects confirming their status quo rarely convert. Unfortunately, most demand gen strategies fail to distinguish between these two types.

To learn more about identifying and nurturing true high-value prospects, we reached out to nine top experts on demand gen, people who have written books on this topic and pursued innovative demand gen content strategies of their own. This eBook collects essays based on our discussions with these experts and consolidates their insights into fresh approaches to demand gen content creation and lead nurturing. The book is structured in two parts:

Part 1. Content That Converts. The experts explain how to use disruptive content to sell change. If customers aren’t ready for change, they will not buy. The experts also discuss how to design demand gen content to support the kind of collaborative buying that dominates today’s markets.

Part 2. Lead Gen and Nurturing Strategies. The experts explain how to market beyond the C-Suite, which is critical because non–C-Suite employees have twice the influence on buying decisions as their C-Suite bosses. The experts also show how to identify the most valuable leads in the decision-making group.

These essays show that nurturing key people in the buying group—the Mobilizers—requires new content tools, different messaging strategies, and new lead nurturing methods. They offer practical advice and actions you can take to improve your demand gen game. If you’re interested in capturing high-value leads—not to mention improving relations between sales and marketing—you will appreciate what you find here.