The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Ashley Spurlock, Workfront, Solutions Marketing Manager, Scrum Master
  • Marcus Varner, Workfront, Senior Content Marketing Manager
  • Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute, Chief Strategy Advisor
  • Mark Schaefer, Schaefer Marketing Solutions LLC , Executive Director
  • Jay Baer, Convince & Convert, President, Social Media and Content Marketing Strategist
  • David Beebe, Marriott International, Vice President, Global Creative and Content Marketing
  • Jason Miller, LinkedIn, Group Manager, Global Content and Social Media Marketing
  • Gerry Moran, Cognizant, Global Head of Social Media, Content Marketing Strategist
  • Kashem Miah, Shutterstock, Digital, Community & Content Marketing Leader
  • Bryan Kramer, PureMatter Brand Marketing & Interactive, President + CEO

10 Experts On Scaling Content Marketing was generously sponsored by Workfront.

As businesses invest more in content marketing, figuring out how to scale their content marketing programs effectively has become an important issue. That’s the topic we explore in this book. With the generous support of Workfront, we asked 10 top content marketing experts the following question:

What practical advice would you give a fellow content team manager who needs to scale up a team, ramp up content production, demonstrate return on investment, and avoid workflow chaos?

We asked each expert to focus on one part of the problem—team building, workflow and process management, content promotion, content perfection, or content planning. Most businesses are still learning how to do content marketing well, but top content marketing managers are busy developing brilliant best practices to help them scale their efforts in innovative ways. These essays contain good, practical advice on everything from tooling up to hiring the right people to managing a global real-time strategy.

I’m certain that even highly experienced content managers will find themselves rethinking their approaches to content
after reading this book. I trust you will find value in them, as well.