Paul Haywood, Group CISO, BUPA

“Understanding what machines are in your
network is going to become paramount to
understanding the threat.”

  • Many organizations have been so focused on protecting human identities that they’re unaware of the risks posed by machine identities.
  • By building smart machine identity protection processes into their digital transformation agendas, organizations can get ahead of the curve.

“If we make it easy to manage machine identities and
the right approach becomes embedded in people’s digital
transformation agendas, that will solve the problem.”

Paul Haywood thinks that because many organizations are focused on protecting human identities, they’re unaware of the serious risks posed by machine identities. “Because many organizations are still wrestling with the human identity problem, they probably haven’t necessarily progressed to understanding how to address machine identities,” he said. “I think it’s going to become an exponentially larger problem going forward, when there’ll be more machines, more digitization, and
more digital transformation. And it’s a problem that, as technology and security professionals, we need to start getting a better handle on. If you don’t solve this, you have the potential for malware to be deployed in your landscape without your knowledge.”

This is an excerpt from 8 Experts on Protecting Machine Identities.  This series was generously sponsored by Venafi.