The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Kory Daniels, Global Director of Threat Detection and Response Consulting, Trustwave
  • Spencer Ingram, Senior VP of Operations, Trustwave
  • Steve Baer, Field CTO, Trustwave and Trustwave Government Solutions
  • Erik Blomberg, VP, CISO, Svenska Handelsbanken
  • Erica Wilson, VP of Global Security and Privacy Risk Management, RGA
  • Muhammad Maad, CISO, Faysal Bank Limited
  • Satyajeet Rattan, VP of Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering, Synchrony

7 Experts on Building and Maintaining Cyber Resilience was generously sponsored by Trustwave.

The number of ransomware attacks increased tenfold over last year, and attacks like SolarWinds and
Kaseya illustrated the devastating and widespread impacts of supply chain attacks on organizations
of all sizes. At the same time, financial services firms are faced with another challenge—there is no
playbook for navigating the scope of the digital transformations they are currently experiencing. To
survive this moment, financial services companies must ensure their cyber resilience.
Financial firms are no strangers to security matters, having developed a level of security maturity
that is higher than one might typically find in other sectors. They know, better than most, that
resilience is the key to addressing increasingly complex threats and creating a secure foundation
for sustainable, long-term growth. As their needs change, so, too, must the strategies they deploy to
maintain their resilience.
This ebook explains what cyber resilience is and why it matters to financial services companies
today. It also outlines the unique challenges that financial firms face in becoming resilient, discusses
how they can develop effective strategies for doing so, and covers how a managed services
provider can help financial services accelerate the process of building cyber resilience.