The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Wynter Deagle, Partner, Sheppard Mullin
  • Andrew Stanley, Chief Information Security Officer, Mars
  • Aaron Carfoos, Partner, Paul Hastings
  • Evan Wolff, Partner, Crowell & Moring
  • Jan Grzymala-Busse, Security Manager, Chicago Board Options Exchange

  • Jennifer DeTrani, General Counsel, Nisos

  • Justin Zeefe, President and Co-Founder, Nisos

The Critical Value Outside Counsel Brings to Cyber Incident Response was generously sponsored by Nisos.

When the CEO of Colonial Pipeline testified at a congressional hearing into the ransomware attack
that shut down the nation’s largest oil pipeline, he said his decision to pay the ransom was “the
hardest decision I’ve made in my 39 years in the energy industry.”
It’s safe to say that the moment they were attacked, operations managers, cybersecurity teams,
and corporate executives entered uncharted territory. Although companies develop cybersecurity
protection and response strategies, rarely are they prepared for all the risks they face when a serious
incident actually occurs.
These risks include business, legal, and regulatory liabilities that arise not only from the attack,
but from how a company responds to the attack. They can damage the business and threaten its
viability. Addressing those risks often far exceeds the costs of remediating the attack itself.
That is why an effective response to a serious cyber incident is not just a technical effort managed
by an in-house response team. It must be a multi-faceted response overseen by an outside expert
tasked with protecting the interests of the entire enterprise.
This eBook shows why an outside counsel with special expertise is the ideal entity to spearhead
an attack response. It reveals the importance of establishing a relationship early, because when an
attack occurs, risks to the business multiply at an alarming rate.
Anyone interested in improving their company’s cyber response posture will find value in this eBook.