Ross Young, Director, Information Security (Divisional CISO), Capital One

Ross Young, Director, Information Security (Divisional CISO), Capital One

  • Competition for talent and skills makes good people hard to find. Being flexible about where they work makes it possible for businesses to find the right talent at the right prices.
  • The keys to successful transformation of employee experience include documenting all your processes and getting employee input on things they need and things that aren’t working.

   “Your security organization has to audit, maintain, and monitor all those environments, which is really tough.”

For some companies, creating an employee experience that serves the business well is a challenge because having a good employee experience is key to employee retention. At the same time, if you have poor employee retention, it’s difficult to build a consistent positive employee experience.
When employees leave, knowledge leaves with them.

To keep employees happy and satisfied, there must be an employee growth plan in which they learn a project in their first year, are performing well on the project by the second year, and are training the next batch of people to take the project over in the third year. Ross Young, director of Information Security and divisional chief information security officer for Capital One, says, “It’s a well-understood timeline. It takes people who are happy, who love their job, and who are willing to stay for three years and train new people.” 

This is an excerpt from 7 Experts on Transforming Employee Experience. The eBook was generously sponsored by Citrix.