The book includes insights from the following experts:


This eBook was generously sponsored by Citrix.

 Today’s work environments are technology driven. Technology is the focal point for users doing work and businesses trying to create optimum work experiences for their employees.

Business leaders want to attract and retain top talent and facilitate collaborative workflows, so the technology they deploy increasingly facilitates work anytime, anywhere in personalized virtual work spaces. IT leaders are tasked with creating an adaptive infrastructure that serves both business and employee needs while being secure and manageable. But, how do companies create the employee experiences that best serve their business objectives?

With the generous support of Citrix, we asked seven IT and human resources (HR) experts the
following question:
How do you create an employee experience that enables business adaptability while attracting and retaining top talent?

We purposely chose both IT and HR experts to get a range of viewpoints on a question that ultimately touches everyone in the business.

Several key concepts came out of our discussions, including the importance of input from all levels of the organization and—most especially—the employees themselves. The responses also revealed that creating an employee experience is a continuous effort because technology, expectations, and business needs evolve.

This topic is critical at a time when there is great demand for talent and people are changing the way they work. I’m sure that whether you’re in executive management, HR, or IT you’ll find valuable insights in these essays.