The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • David Rogelberg, Publisher and CEO of Mighty Guides, Inc.
  • Anastasia Pavlova, Founder and CMO, Bold GTM
  • Justin Steinman, CMO, Definitive Healthcare
  • Kyle Lacy, CMO, Jellyfish


  • Brian Gladstein, CMO, Tufin
  • Ed Breault, CMO, Malbek
  • Reuben Braham, B2B Enterprise Marketing, Executive and Consultant

Working with Buyers to Create High- Impact Buying Experiences was generously sponsored by Mighty Guides.

Kyle Lacy, the CMO of Jellyfish, shared, “Managing a positive prospect and customer experience – before and after purchase – is the only thing that makes marketing relevant.” Whether you’re thinking about brand, persona, product, pain points, or sales cycle, it all concerns the buyer journey and the unique experiences you create. We interviewed marketing leaders on how they are creating high-impact buying experiences. We hope you enjoy their insights!