The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Dave Alton, CTO, Strategic Information Resources

  • John Christly, Director of IT and Security, Summit 7

  • Alex Geddes, Senior Sales Lead, AutogenAI

  • Damian Lloyd, Head of Marketing, Jigsaw24

  • Jeremy Nees, Chief Operating Officer, The Instillery

  • Jason Short, VP of Product, ConnectWise

  • Bill Stucklen, CTO, MSP+OS

  • Wade Yeaman, President and CEO, Fluid IT Services

8 Experts on How MSPs Can Safely Leverage AI-Driven Tools was generously sponsored by ConnectWise

We’re starting to see AI everywhere, and as with other industries, it offers huge potential to MSPs. We interviewed 8 experts on how MSPs can safely integrate AI into their business operations to gain a competitive advantage. We hope you enjoy their insights!