The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Vincent Carranza, Corporate Manager of Physical Security, Penske Transportation Solutions
  • Nathalie de Champlain, CMO & Senior Business Advisor, Ascent Global Logistics, Roadrunner
  • Toby DeRoche, Senior Manager, Enterprise Risk Management, Verizon
  • A. Benjamin Mannes, Principal Consultant, Mannes & Associates
  • Darryl McKinney, Senior Manager, Security Strategy & Intelligence, Major International Airport
  • Michael Oeschger, Global Security Director, Hypertherm
  • Shara Turley, Director of National Accounts, AMAROK

5 Point Plan for Dealing with Commercial Property Theft was generously sponsored by AMAROK.

When it comes to property theft, your immediate response is vital — but what comes next? We interviewed seven experts with different perspectives on business recovery and boiled their tips down into your 5-point operational plan. We hope you enjoy their insights!