7 Experts on New Approaches for Power Distribution Network Design was generously sponsored by KEMET and Mouser Electronics.

When it comes to designing circuits for high-density computing devices, power and signal integrity are the dark arts of the engineering process. At the heart of the challenge is the power distribution network (PDN), which must provide efficient, stable power to increasingly precise and demanding circuits.
The need for greater efficiencies, increased power density, and lower cost places new demands on PDN components. Engineers are taking advantage of advances in PDN technology to incorporate new strategies and approaches into their designs. To learn more about the latest developments in PDN design, we asked seven experts the following questions:
Given these trends in device design, what challenges do PDN engineers face? What design strategies and new approaches can you recommend to help overcome these challenges?
Our experts reveal how challenging these design problems can be. They show that solutions depend on more than picking the right resistance, inductance, and capacitance. As circuits shrink, engineers must match component behaviors, think about the physical configurations of components in relation to loads and to each other, and recognize that the unexpected will happen.
The engineers in this eBook present interesting ideas about PDN design that we hope will inspire others wrestling with many of the same challenges.