The book includes insights from the following experts:


7 Experts on Product Leadership was generously sponsored by Workfront.

Product leaders face many challenges when developing and launching their products. Getting sales, product, research and development, and other teams on the same page is no small feat—particularly when the various parties are located across the globe. Priorities can shift seemingly without warning, and faster schedules allow precious little margin for error. Work management tools may not be up to the task, making collaboration more difficult than it should be. How can product leaders overcome these obstacles, keep their projects on track, and launch their product on time?
With generous support from Workfront, we asked seven product leaders for their advice on getting your team to launch successful products quickly and often.
Many of the product leaders with whom we spoke said that it’s important to seek stakeholder input, create structures and processes that help team members carry out their responsibilities for the project, and identify project champions who can advocate for you within the company. Others highlighted the importance of taking risks and operating with agility. Smart technology tools can streamline collaboration and accelerate the product development process, as well.
The essays in this eBook offer practical strategies, advice, and examples that showcase different approaches to launching innovative projects in compact time frames. They explain how product leaders can create internal alignment and facilitate effective collaboration, surmounting roadblocks that could keep a product from launching on time. If you need to launch high-quality products consistently, you’ll benefit from the wisdom these experienced product leaders share.