The book includes insights from the following experts:

This eBook was generously sponsored by Iron Mountain.

As organizations quickly transitioned to a remote workforce in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, corporate real estate professionals have had to rethink how to reconfigure their workplaces and adapt. What are the challenges and opportunities they are discovering in this changed landscape?
With generous support from Iron Mountain, we asked corporate real estate professionals for their perspective on how they are re-imagining the workplace.
Each participant named employee safety as a top priority, especially in the near term. Over the long term, however, several of the experts we spoke with expect to see a rise in flexible, collaborative workplaces. Technology will likely play a role in enabling employee productivity and safety in this new “hybrid” context.
The essays in this eBook offer practical strategies, advice, and examples to help you rethink your workplace. They explain how to evaluate your new priorities, how to create a plan the organization can support, and much more. Anyone wanting to get a glimpse of what the workplace of the future will look like can benefit from the wisdom shared by these experienced corporate real estate professionals.