Eric Mock, American Express, Marketing Compliance Officer

Want To Streamline The Compliance Process? Develop a Partnership Culture

  • To build a sense of partnership, compliance officers should meet with marketing teams, introduce themselves, explain what they do, and walk marketers through the entire process.
  • To streamline compliance in a large organization, set up open office hours during which any marketing person can call and get a quick answer to any compliance question.

“Our biggest challenge is the inherent ambiguity of regulation. The biggest thing I can do as a compliance reviewer is partner with our marketing organization.”

Like many large corporations, American Express has a well-established marketing workflow and compliance review process. All marketing material goes through the brand department first, where team members review it for compliance with corporate brand and messaging guidelines. Then, the material goes through marketing compliance review. As Eric Mock, marketing compliance officer at American Express, explains, “Sometimes, the material requires feedback from the general counsel’s office or a lineof-business compliance officer, but everything ultimately comes through our group.”

This is an excerpt from 10 Experts on Marketing Compliance. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.