The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Alexander Montuschi, Cisco, Sr. Digital Media Manager EMEA
  • Jon Parks, Atlantic BT, Marketing Director
  • Edward Nevraumont, A Place for Mom, CMO
  • John Watton, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Member of the BMC Executive Council, Senior Marketing Director, VP Marketing, CMO
  • Maciej Piwoni, Sage, Running Global Campaigns and Global Digital Analytics Manager
  • Jeff Marcoux, Microsoft, IMA, CMO Lead, Worldwide Enterprise Marketing, Board Member IMA

Defining Marketing Success was generously sponsored by Visual IQ.

Do you know exactly how your marketing spend affects revenue growth? If you do, you are in the minority. Most business leaders want to know the value they are getting for their marketing investments, but few are fully satisfied by the answers they receive. And the problem is not lack of metrics.

Online channels are data-rich environments. Data fuels programmatic advertising, marketing automation, and attribution platforms. There is a lot of data available to consider. Email marketers like click-through rates. Social marketers closely watch social-driven web traffic. Mobile marketers zero in on app traffic. But do these metrics have anything to do with bottom-line performance?

To better understand what marketing metrics matter most to business leaders, and with the generous support of Visual IQ, we reached out to 28 marketing experts with the following question:

On which metrics do you advise senior marketers focus to most effectively measure the impact of marketing on business goals, and why are these metrics the most important?

Not surprisingly, many experts qualified their answers with, “that depends on business goals.” Of course, they said a lot more, providing perspectives from several industry verticals, geographies and business models. In this e-book, we have collected a fascinating array of business-goal-oriented marketing metrics. Many not only tie to bottom-line performance but also enlighten broader business management decisions.

I am confident that anyone interested in quantifying the business value of marketing expenditures will find this eBook a thought-provoking resource.