Vishal Chopra

Vishal Chopra, Head of Field Marketing (India, ASEAN, Middle East, Africa), Freshworks

“It’s not enough to speak their language; we have to Provide a solution crafted based on empathy with their pain points from the start. Every point of diversity is an opportunity to deliver personalized solutions.”

        “Even when in-person events return, we should carry forward what we have learned from recent experiences in going digital.”

First, we need to get the understanding right. Field marketing is not just about executing events. To me, field marketing owns the regional marketing objectives and designs the channel mix accordingly. The offline and online campaigns are nothing but part of the channel mix. We look at the number of leads in the pipeline in terms of how many are needed to meet quarterly and annual revenue targets. Once we have those targets, we work backward and develop a channel that has a mix of digital campaigns and offline events. Our regions are huge and diverse, and marketing tactics behave differently from region to region. We typically look at digital marketing to scale communication and catch the next growth markets while going heavy on offline events, where we need to establish personal connections and build networks to close deals in the current and next quarters.

This is an excerpt from 15 Experts on Reimagining Field Marketing. The eBook was generously sponsored by Mighty Guides.