The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Jon Gold, Blackboard, Director, Web Strategy and Design
  • Shawn Burns, Schneider Electric, Senior Vice President
  • Silviu Croitoru, Fashion Days Group, Chief Product Officer
  • Bruno Herrmann, The Nielsen Company, Digital Globalization And Localization Director
  • Christine Crandell, New Business Strategies, Chief Customer Strategy Consultant & President
  • Nicholas Webb, IT Dojo, Inc., Director of Operations / Training Director
  • Peter Fisk, GeniusWorks, Business founder, Expert consultant, Keynote speaker
  • Annette Franz, Compellon, Inc., Vice President, Client Experience

Transform Your Global Digital Customer Experience was generously sponsored by SDL.

The importance of crafting a quality global digital customer experience has never been as critical to business success as it is today. The competition is never more than a click or finger swipe away, and customers can easily find the exact product, service, or experience they are looking for. Of course, it has never been so easy for customers to express dissatisfaction, either, whether it be through negative online reviews or simply taking their business elsewhere.

Businesses are investing heavily in research and technologies to improve their digital customer experiences, but are they investing wisely? With the support of SDL, I asked ten global digital customer experience experts the following question:

As a customer experience leader, what advice would you offer a colleague looking to implement a global digital customer experience change that will have a big, positive impact on the customer-brand relationship?

It turns out that what has changed dramatically in recent years is how you discover what customers want, and then how you adjust your business to fulfill those desires. The essays in this eBook show that global digital customer experience is not just an
extension of sales and marketing. Modern customer experience has become central to businesses’ mission. It goes to the very heart of why a company is in business.

I am sure you will find that these essays provide insights that can help any business rethink and improve its global digital customer experience strategy.