Melissa Alonso

Melissa Alonso, Director, Global Account-Based Marketing, Qlik

“Use executives within your company to demonstrate your confidence in your own solutions and credibly overcome specific objections. For example, if you are talking to a CFO, consider having your CFO join the call to discuss opportunities and concerns in the right context.”

  “People do not want aggressive sales techniques where they fill out a form
to receive gated content, and then receive 14 phone calls and emails. They want to go at their own pace and contact you when they are ready to
have a conversation.”

 Our team handles account-based marketing (ABM) for 300 of our top accounts. We are field marketing, yes, but we focus on ABM. Before working remotely, we were planning for and moving ahead with in-person events all over the world. Most of our events were specific to an individual account, often multi day programs in which we bring experts to the customer for hands-on workshops and presentations of customer success stories.

Events accomplished two goals: creating awareness by supporting the platform within individual accounts and creating executive-level relationships with customers. I think that partnering with customers differentiates ABM from field marketing: We want to expand customers’ opportunities and enable them to be part of what is possible. These goals are easier to achieve when you have an internal spokesperson who supports what you are promoting and can speak to what he or she has seen.

This is an excerpt from 15 Experts on Reimagining Field Marketing. The eBook was generously sponsored by Mighty Guides.