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Building Security Into Your Cloud IT Practices was generously sponsored by lacework.

Use cases across the different types of companies that operate workloads in the cloud vary, but there undoubtedly is one commonality: velocity. Cost, flexibility, and scale are cited as reasons why organizations decide to use the public cloud. However, the ability to move at the speed of today’s technology innovation comes out on top more often than not, time after time.

Many organizations can get so focused on pushing product that security takes a backseat. The result is inadvertent vulnerabilities in the underlying infrastructure that get missed. When that happens, and it happens a lot, companies, products, and users are exposed.

Speed tends to be the focus for DevOps, but to truly implement and manage DevOps effectively within an organization, it has to have a more comprehensive approach from day one. A framework needs to be created that certainly emphasizes speed and pushing product fast, but it has to also include a cultural and technical approach that combines DevOps and security. An effective cross-pollination of these will result in the kind of approach you’ll hear about in this book. The people who are finding smart ways to build security into DevOps are helping to ensure rapid business agility with the right approach to security.