Operations and Marketing in Retail, Leading US Retailers

Kiran Kumar, Digital Product Management, Operations and Marketing in Retail, Leading US Retailers

“Data can come from a number of different sources and systems within the enterprise. You have to make sure you have a process to aggregate information.”

        “A third party platform can get you to market faster with more features, but you will still have to integrate that with in-house platforms.”

Personalized marketing has become an essential strategy for many businesses working to raise the quality and value of their customer engagements. With his long experience in digital product management and marketing, Kiran Kumar points out: “The moment you personalize a campaign, you will see improvements in customer engagement which can manifest itself in transaction increases,
positive customer feedback and improved loyalty. Personalization improves ROI for marketing in general.”
Achieving high marketing ROI requires proficiency in managing and operationalizing data. Operationalizing data is not just about how you deploy marketing campaigns. “The ability to take action based on data is critical,” says Kumar. “Data by itself is not useful.” To operationalize data, you must develop an end-to-end process that includes data collection, hygiene, analytics and activation. Kumar explains: “If you think about this process as a pipeline, you need to have all the components of the pipeline working well for anything to flow through. The data needs to be accessible, you need analytical tools to derive meaning from the data, and you need tools to take action on what the data tells you. Also, all these components need to be integrated seamlessly.”

This is an excerpt from 7 Experts on Transforming Customer Experience with Data Insights. The eBook was generously sponsored by Arm Treasure Data.