The book includes insights from the following experts:

7 Experts on Evaluating and Managing Cyber Risk for Investors was generously sponsored by Bluevoyant.

A successful cyberattack can severely damage a business in many ways. It can cripple business operations. It can steal intellectual property or valuable data. It can completely devalue a business brand. Such damage can be so severe that the business fails as a result.
Most investors are not technologists or cybersecurity experts. They typically focus on financial risks and return on investment, not the cyber risks associated with investment opportunities. So, how do venture capitalists and financiers consider cyber risk when they put their money on the line and seek to increase the value of their investments?
With the generous support of BlueVoyant, we asked seven different investment professionals the following question:
What role does cyber risk play when you weigh a potential investment, and how do you evaluate the level of cyber risk?
We spoke to investors with varying business backgrounds and investments in different industry segments. These conversations provided fascinating insights into how they balance cyber and other business risks, the business factors that affect cyber risk, and their need to see cyber risk in business terms.
I expect that anyone involved in cybersecurity or who has a management role in growing a business will find these investors’ perspectives on cyber risk enlightening.