Jessica Cowan

Jessica Cowan, Field Marketing Manager, SpyCloud

“You often get radio silence in sales, so it’s up to marketers to keep the discussion going, and that is where an ABM approach can move the needle.”

    “To generate brand awareness and leads, we have started to do
more webinars, which have helped position us more as a thought

SpyCloud develops enterprise-level security software to prevent account takeovers and investigate fraud. Our primary customers are security professionals in the C suite. Right now, we have about six people in sales who are responsible for various regions worldwide. Our role in field marketing is to provide our salespeople with the tools they need to succeed at events based on what has worked in the past and effective customer experiences. Events are a big part of our marketing strategy, and we have done more than 2,500 of them. We’ve gotten a lot of traction with events because they afford high-quality, hightouch interactions for our salespeople, especially for lead generation.

This is an excerpt from 15 Experts on Reimagining Field Marketing. The eBook was generously sponsored by Mighty Guides.