Isabel Maria Gómez González, Group Information Security Manager, Bankia

Effective Implementation Depends on Effective Communication

  • One of the biggest challenges is getting alignment within the organization on the kind of solution that best serves everyone’s needs.
  • The solution provider needs to understand that the security team is going to develop rules for selecting the data that’s needed, and then prove it can deliver on these needs.

“You have to be able to trust the results. You want a company that demonstrates it can obtain information and control everything all around the world.”

When implementing an endpoint-security strategy, one of the keys to success is recognizing that what you implement affects everyone. “If you are not a great negotiator and communicator, you will have a problem within your company,” says Isabel M. Gomez, group information security manager at the Spanish banking group Bankia. “You need to find a compromise between all the business interests, and all of them need to be happy with your decision.”

This is an excerpt from 32 Security Experts on Changing Endpoint Security. The eBook was generously sponsored by Carbon Black.

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