Brian Gruttadauria, VP, Cloud Business Group, Oracle

Brian Gruttadauria, VP, Cloud Business Group, Oracle

  • New technology advances, such as AI and ML, are enabling new
    levels of personalization.
  • IT and business leaders often focus on ease of use rather than
    how all their systems work together. Ease of use is important,
    but when it comes to improving employee experience, you need
    to understand true employee pain points.

  “This is about democratization of data. The whole goal is to empower people at different levels of the organization to look at the data from their own perspective.”

Improving the employee experience depends on many factors. Sometimes, however, those factors aren’t what you expect.

For instance, one internet-based company with consistently high employee ratings works hard to improve its employee experience. In a survey designed to identify key factors that could improve the work environment, this company found that it wasn’t the systems or the work schedules or other factors it expected. Instead, the key to employee satisfaction was being able to bring their dogs to work.

This change may have been the result of one survey at one point in time, but Brian Gruttadauria, vice president and chief technology officer of the Cloud Business Group at Oracle, notes that technology has long been a key driver for improving employee experience and personalization. “If you look at the history of how technology has evolved in the workplace, companies used to give you the tools you needed for your job, like laptops and phones,” he explains. If you wanted to use your own phone for business, you would install a virtual private network and security controls on your device. When the iPhone and iPad came along, things began to change in a big way.

This is an excerpt from 7 Experts on Transforming Employee Experience. The eBook was generously sponsored by Citrix.