Brian Timmeny, Global Head of Advanced Engineering, DevOps, Engineering Processes, BBVA

Endpoints Must Be Protected at Several Levels

  • It’s important to protect not just an endpoint but also the surrounding environment that protects that endpoint.
  • Effectively using AI and machine learning will be key to keeping up with the increasing volume and complexity of attacks.

“Whenever someone tries to access an endpoint, those security policies kick in to say, ‘Where did you come from? Who are you? Do I know you?’”

Brian Timmeny believes that endpoint security is mission-critical, particularly in a DevOps environment. “We protect our endpoints at several levels,” he says. “All of our tool suites are built via endpoints or on a microservice model available via a common endpoint with common contractual services and common testing.” To ensure that these common endpoints are secure, Timmeny’s team develops and implements the exposure of those applications according to the services and security policies that govern them.

This is an excerpt from 32 Security Experts on Changing Endpoint Security. The eBook was generously sponsored by Carbon Black.

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