• Hao Jie Chan, Senior Analog Hardware Engineer, National Instruments
  • Anton Dianov, Senior Firmware Engineer, Samsung Electronics
  • Wayne Dossey, Technical Marketing Engineer, Circuit Protection Division, Bourns, Inc.
  • Henry Fang, Electrical Hardware Engineer, HORIBA Scientific
  • Ivan Fumagalli, Chief of RAMS Engineers, Eldor Corporation
  • Vladimir Kostic, Senior Hardware Developer, ZF Automotive
  • Gábor Márk, Resistive Products Application Engineer, Bourns, Inc.
  • Kyle Moldenhauer, Field and Applications Engineer, Bourns, Inc.
  • Xavier Pacheco, Senior Electronic Design Engineer, Eaton
  • Pyter Ely da Silva, Senior Hardware Engineer, Whirlpool Corporation
  • Sabah V.S., Power Electronics Design Engineer, Lilium

Passives and Their Emerging Applications was generously sponsored by Bourns and Mouser Electronics.

Passives (Magnetic power and signal Components, Resistive and Circuit Protection components) are not the most glamorous components in electrical circuits, but they play a vital role in electronics—past, present, and future. With the rise of new industries, including renewables, hybrids, and electric vehicles, selecting the right passives has become more critical than ever. We interviewed 11 industry-leading experts to explore the challenges of using passives to meet increasingly sophisticated demands, the factors that engineers need to consider when selecting passives, and the solutions Bourns has to offer. The facts we discovered about passives are truly inspiring and empowering. We hope you enjoy this eBook, what we discovered, and the insights provided by the experts.

Passives and Their Emerging Applications