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How to Choose the Right
Surge Protection Technology was generously sponsored by Bourns and Mouser Electronics.

It is no revelation that electronic designs have become increasingly complex and sophisticated, where PCB density is a growing concern and board space is at a premium. An ongoing issue is that these smaller, denser electronics are more susceptible to damage from transients such as lightning and high voltage surges. Circuit protection must, therefore, evolve to meet board space limitations with smaller, robust designs that supply enhanced protection performance.

To meet these challenges, Bourns continues to be a leader in developing miniaturized, innovatively designed circuit protection components that deliver the higher performance necessary to protect against surge threats. A prime example is our recently introduced IsoMOV™ hybrid overvoltage protector that uniquely combines the advantages of GDTs and MOVs into a revolutionary new design. As a drop-in replacement to traditional MOVs, this space-saving single component features high performance and extended life.

This ebook is written as a useful guide to selecting surge protection components. In it, you will learn the various types of surge suppression technologies and components available and the standards and regulations that govern surge protection. Surge protection is more important than ever in helping to increase reliability in today’s sensitive applications. We invite you to leverage Bourns and Mouser’s knowledge and experience to help make your next design a success.