The book includes insights from the following experts:

7 Experts On Implementing Microsoft 365 Defender was generously sponsored by bluevoyant.

Securing complex IT environments is difficult. With office solutions, email, collaboration, file sharing, and other applications residing on premises or spanning multiple cloud environments, an IT environment’s attack surface can be as frustrating to defend as it is attractive to attack.
Microsoft has invested heavily in its security offerings so that they now provide among the best protection available today. Microsoft 365 Defender is a suite of integrated tools for protecting endpoints, Office 365 applications, identities, and cloud applications. People with existing Microsoft E5 licenses may not even know that all these tools are already available to them as part of their license.
The challenge is how best to deploy and configure these tools for maximum benefit. With the generous support of BlueVoyant, we set out to learn how by asking seven security experts the following question:
Given your experience with Microsoft 365 Defender, what advice can you offer for transitioning to and optimizing these tools?
The experts point out that Microsoft makes it easy to deploy these tools, although properly configuring them to optimize operation and manage costs requires skill and effort.
This eBook provides basic, practical approaches to implementing Microsoft 365 Defender and suggestions for managing the tools so that they meet changing security requirements.