The book includes insights from the following experts:

11 Experts on Using the Content Lifecycle to Maximize Content ROI was generously sponsored by Aprimo.

There’s nothing easy about building high performance marketing content. Unfortunately, hard work does not always make good, impactful content. Many marketing teams work long hours to churn out volumes of perfectly mediocre content, and worst of all, they have no real idea how their content affects the audience or helps the business.

Building high-performance content depends on consistently generating high-value ideas, planning well and budgeting, managing an efficient and creative workflow, making sure the content reaches the right audiences at the right times, and measuring its performance. Sounds like a perfect world, right? Yet many do this consistently, and they do it well.

With the generous support of Aprimo, we decided to dig into the secrets of successful content marketing. We asked eleven experts questions about how they manage each stage of the content lifecycle: ideate, plan, budget, create, distribute, and analyze. This eBook organizes their responses into chapters corresponding to these stages of the lifecycle.

It’s clear that at the end of the day, successful content marketers know what their content is worth and how much it should cost. They also know how to optimize and distribute it to maximize their return and how to measure its audience and business impact.

I for one found their insights refreshing and a good reminder that the cost of mediocre content far outweighs the extra investment needed to get the most out of your content lifecycle.