The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Mehmet Akif Eker, Senior Hardware Security Engineer, Lucid Motors
  • Stéphane Di Vito, Distinguished Engineer, Cybersecurity Architect, Analog Devices
  • Michael Haight, Director, Product Line Management, Analog Devices
  • Mohammed Ibrahim, Field Application Engineer, Ruptela
  • Venkata Kishore Kajuluri, Senior Hardware Security Engineer, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Gael Lemoine, Lead Hardware R&D Engineer, Viasat Inc
  • Shawn Meng, Senior Program Manager, System Engineer, Garmin
  • Zia Sardar, Director, Product Applications, Analog Devices
  • Christophe Tremlet, Director, Business Management, Analog Devices

The Embedded Security Ebook was generously sponsored by Analog Devices and Mouser Electronics.

As embedded devices become more powerful and more popular, security is more important than ever before. We interviewed nine experts on the state of embedded security, the challenges facing the industry, and some potential paths forward. We hope you enjoy their insights!