The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Michael Dorrington, SVP, Sales and Marketing, AMAROK Security
  • Keith James, Security Director, Corporate Security, Exela Technologies
  • Brock Josephson, Sr. Physical Security Specialist, Burns & McDonnell
    Drew Leppert, VP of Enterprise Sales, AMAROK Security
  • Joe Redmond, Sr. Manager, Security, First Student
  • Dr. Christopher Shaffer, Corp. Director, Security and Safety Compliance, Valmont Industries
  • Brian Stephens, Sr. Managing Director, Teneo Risk Advisory, Teneo
  • Dr. Celvin G. Walwyn, Deputy Commissioner of Police, US Virgin Islands Police Department

8 Experts on Proactive vs. Reactive Perimeter Security was generously sponsored by AMAROK..

Anybody can be a victim of crime. The level of risk comes down to socioeconomic triggers and local crime rates. However, even commercial properties in low-risk areas can be targeted and, once that happens, every business in the area is at risk.

The problem is that not all criminals can be scared off easily by a single layer of perimeter security. Today’s criminals are opportunists who regularly participate in organized crime and are well-informed about what they’re up against. You might say, “we’re protected by local law enforcement,” and while that may be true, police departments today are often underfunded and unable to respond to these types of crimes promptly, or at all for that matter.

When a business becomes the victim of property theft, the loss of physical assets can be considerable and cause significant damage. However, that’s just the beginning. The real cost of theft includes operational downtime, loss of business, reputational damage and more.

To protect your physical assets and reduce business risk, an integrated multilayered approach to perimeter security is vital. Through this approach, you can avoid the costs associated with the crime itself, while also protecting your most valuable asset: your employees.

This eBook explores the real cost of crime and its impact on businesses. Moreover, it looks at how implementing an integrated security system can ward off potential intruders, reduce the risk of property theft, protect employees and improve business operations

8 Experts on Proactive vs. Reactive Perimeter Security