The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Michael Jacobs, Our True North, Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director
  • David Lesue, Workfront, Creative Director
  • Ben Wood, CAB Agency, Executive Creative Director
  • Bob Lukasik, IBM Interactive Experience, Executive Creative Director
  • Haraldur Thorleifsson, UENO, Creative Director
  • Luke Sullivan, Savannah College of Art & Design, Professor of Advertising
  • Steve Babcock, VaynerMedia, Chief Creative Officer
  • Steve Susi, Amazon, Group Creative Director, Advertising Design & User Experience
  • David Snyder, Firstborn, SVP, Executive Creative Director
  • David McMillan, Penman for Hire, LLC, Creative. Consultant. Copywriter. Cohort.
  • Nicolas Roope, POKE, Creative Partner / Co-founder
  • Jason Musante, Havas Worldwide, Group ECD/Managing Director
  • Claudio Guglieri, Hello Elephant, Creative Director
  • Courtney Smith, PureMatter Brand Marketing + Interactive, Executive Creative Director/Co-founder
  • Daniel Harvey, SapientNitro, Experience Design Director
  • David Navarro, Stinkdigital, Creative Director
  • James Cooper, Betaworks, Head of Creative
  • Michael Ancevic, The Fantastical, Managing Partner/Chief Creative Officer

Balancing Process, Creativity and Productivity was generously sponsored by Workfront.

It’s often said that the creative process is a mystery. Many who are involved in creative endeavors, whether as members of a creative team or as project managers, would agree. Yet it’s a fact that much in life depends on creative output directed toward accomplishing tangible objectives. How do you effectively manage a creative effort so that it remains genuinely creative while producing valuable output?

With the generous support of Workfront, we have attempted to find the answer by posing the following question to 18 seasoned creative professionals:

Consistently and efficiently getting the best work out of your creative team can be tough. How have you created just enough process to enhance both creativity and productivity? Please share a personal story.

In reading the experts’ responses to this question, it’s clear that there are many ways to build and manage creative teams. Striking a balance between process and creativity is essential, and these experts provide valuable insights into ways they define and sustain that balance throughout a creative endeavor.

I found their stories fascinating, and I’m sure anyone whose work depends on creative output will appreciate the experiences and wisdom of the creative professionals who have contributed to this eBook.